Loading of containers

Full container service
When transporting antique furniture, ofcourse you want it to be transported safely. That's why we provide a container service. We load your container and pack everything according to your wishes. We will do everything to load a 20ft or 40ft container most efficiently.

Loading containers efficiently
A container full of antique furniture has to be loaded as efficient as possible. You obviously do not want to transport air. Moreover, when all the space is used , your antique furniture will not have a chance to shuffle. The costs of loading containers depend on the type of items that you have ordered. You can probably imagine that furniture are loaded faster than for example statues or lamps.

Ready for customs
Loading containers often includes paperwork. Especially when antique furniture are from abroad, the Dutch customs like to know what is in your container. We will take care of all the paperwork for you.

Loading a container?
Do you want us to load a container? Please contact us immediately!